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Join thousands of Google Adwords advertisers who get cheaper clicks by optimizing their AdWords Quality Scores.

Step-by-step results

Tenscores is your personal Google Adwords Quality Score adviser, available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, leading you step-by-step to quantifiable results.

  • Recommendations

    If you have a bad account Quality Score, Tenscores will tell you what to do to improve it.

  • Penalties & Discounts

    Find out how much money you're waisting on poor QS and how much your saving on high ones.

  • Quality Score History

    Track your progress, see the evolution of QS and see the impact it has on your metrics.

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Better than Adwords scripts

Tenscores has become an integral part of our PPC Management strategy. We used AdWords scripts to monitor quality score shifts across client accounts which is great. But it doesn't tell you where the problem is actually occurring. Tenscores allows our entire team to quickly diagnose quality score issues and to identify the priority in which our standard tasks need to be done. The ability to load in ads and to see real time stats of those ads and then to regroup according to recommendations by Tenscores is invaluable. Every PPC manager needs this tool.

Phil Sander Nielsen Dave Davis

Marketing Director, Red Fly Marketing

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