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Join thousands of Google Adwords advertisers who get cheaper clicks by optimizing their AdWords Quality Scores.

Step-by-step results

Tenscores is your personal Google Adwords Quality Score adviser, available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, leading you step-by-step to quantifiable results.

  • Recommendations

    If you have a bad account Quality Score, Tenscores will tell you what to do to improve it.

  • Penalties & Discounts

    Find out how much money you're waisting on poor QS and how much your saving on high ones.

  • Quality Score History

    Track your progress, see the evolution of QS and see the impact it has on your metrics.

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Issam Tidjani

Issam Tidjani, Global SEM Lead At Nokia

"Many struggle to gain this level of quality score analysis because Google’s current set-up doesn’t provide anything like this, so it has previously been a very painful and time-consuming process to try and assess it. TenScores provides recommendations on how you can optimise and further improve quality score in a really useful way."