Chapter 2 » Commandment I
Have Great Account History

When you open a new Adwords account, everything you do is recorded and could be used against you… only no-one read you your Miranda rights:

Adwords Miranda Rights: “You have the right not to use your account. Anything you do in it will be recorded and can be used against you. You have the right to close your account and open a new one if you’ve had bad history, provided you haven’t infringed any of Google Adwords terms & conditions.”

Your account’s history is the average click-through-rate (CTR) collected for all your campaigns serving the search network in your account.  A completely new account is like a new born baby that hasn’t made any mistakes and in that regard the history is good and fresh.

After a few clicks of advertising, a low average CTR on the search network is a sign to Google that you’re not a quality advertiser as you don’t have what searchers want. You will get  Quality Scores  no higher than 5/10 for most of the keywords you try to use.

What is considered a poor CTR?

As a rule of thumb, anything below 1% is bad on the search network (content network CTRs do not affect account history).

It is not the longevity of that history that counts, but rather the intensity of recent performance.

For instance, it is better to have incredibly high CTRs the last 7 days than having average CTRs for a period of 5 years.

That’s why bad account history shouldn’t be a big concern as it can be easily rebuilt by increasing performance. However, if you’ve had poor history for a very long  period of time,  it will feel like climbing a very steep mountain trying to get good performance… a new account usually is sometimes an option to consider.

Symptoms of poor account history

In a healthy account, new keywords should start with a 5/10 score for the first few min (sometimes a couple of hours) then it should rise to at least 7/10 when the spiders have had time to crawl your website.

In an account that has poor history, all the keywords added will start at 5/10 Quality Score or below and stay at 5/10 or below… regardless of the domain being used.


It is better to advertise in a new account than in one that has poor account history for a very long time… BUT it is possible to bring a bad account in good health simply by advertising with high CTRs.

To do so, choose one keyword that you’ve had good success with and only advertise for that keyword and that keyword only. Pause everything else. The good history that it will gather will give your account a second life.

If you choose to start fresh with a new account, make sure to close the old one.  It is against Google’s terms and conditions to possess  multiple adwords accounts, unless those accounts are linked together through a MCC account*.

* My Client Center Accounts (MCC) are special adwords accounts used by Adwords managers or companies wanting to advertise different products in multiple accounts.

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Have Great Account History

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