Emotions vs Information Quiz #111

Apple BergoniaBy Apple Bergonia
These ads were kindly provided by Alva from Stridec.com. The targeted keywords were around the theme of “date restaurant”.

Never fall in love with your ads!

In the heart of Singapore, nestled between the modern skyscrapers, lived a man named Arjun. Arjun worked in a bustling tech startup, where he lived a life dictated by codes, deadlines, and caffeine-infused nights.

Despite the rush of his life, he found his peace in his grandmother’s tales of old Singapore – a time when love stories bloomed beneath the city lights.

One day, amidst a sea of algorithmic complexities, he noticed a new hire, Li Mei. Li Mei, with her radiant smile and sharp wit, was a breath of fresh air.

She was an artist, a painter who captured the city’s heritage and its modernity in her vibrant strokes.

Arjun was captivated. He yearned to know her better, to share stories beneath the city skyline. But he wasn’t a man of words, but of codes. How could he invite her to a date that would captivate her, just as she captivated him?

So he turned to his most trusted ally – Google. In the quiet of the night, amidst the hum of his laptop, Arjun typed in “date restaurant” in the search bar. He was determined to find a place that resonated with the city’s past and its present – a place that mirrored Li Mei’s art, a place perfect for their first date.

Version A in the Google Ads above focuses on emotions while Version B shares information with a lighter touch on emotions.

Which ad do you think won Arjun’s heart and increased Gary’s click-through rate by 32%?

Dare to love!

Find the ad responsible for the 32% CTR increase. From 6% to 7.9%!

The correct answer is revealed after you vote.

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