ETA vs FETA Quiz #110

Apple BergoniaBy Apple Bergonia
This ad test was kindly provided by Devin of Laser Care Eye Center. None of the headlines were pinned in Version A.

This is test is not about cheese, so please stop thinking about cheese.

FETA stands for Fake Expanded Text Ad, and is an attempt to create an ETA from an RSA.

So many acronyms.

Let’s redefine:

  • ETA
    • Stands for Expanded Text Ad.
    • Is created from 3 headlines and 2 descriptions.
    • Allows only one variation.
  • RSA
    • Stands for Responsive Search Ad.
    • Is created from 15 headlines and 4 description.
    • Allows multiple variations.
  • FETA
    • Stands for Fake ETA (a made up word).
    • Is an RSA that pretends to be an ETA, even though it’s not.
    • Is created by only using 3 headline out of 15 and 2 descriptions out of 4.

Now that you know the terms, analyze the above ads again, and guess which ETA was the winner, the fake one or the real one?

That’s not cheese!

Test your gut

Find the ad that has aDOUBLE CTR, 9.1% vs 4.4% of the loser!

The correct answer is revealed after you vote.

Apple Bergonia

About Apple Bergonia

I get it wrong most of the time too! :D
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