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About Us

Marilyn Maupin

Marilyn spent 10 years doing technical support for Internet and networking issues. For four years after that, she’s worked as a freelance writer focusing on online marketing and web development. She is now TenScores Daily’s Editor In Chief and first author. She strives in entertaining readers with piercing humor, thoughtfulness and mind-bending insights. She also loves cats and knitting.

Christian Nkurunziza

Today co-founder of TenScores and paid search expert, Chris was supposed to become a mechanical engineer until he discovered he could work from home running an online business. He has lived in 3 different continents for more than 5 years in each and hopes to have lived in all seven by the time the adventure stops. You can read some of his thoughts on paid search on the Tenscores Blog.

What Is Tenscores?

Tenscores is a Quality Score tracking and optimization tool for Google Adwords advertisers. The startup is based in beautiful Montreal and making it’s way to becoming unique in it’s genre.

Contact Us

2001 University Street
Suite 1700
Montreal, QC, H3A 2A6

Email: support@tenscores.com

Phone: +1-855-330-2671

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