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People are buying from smart phones, but still far less than computers

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Bing Ads and Yahoo! recently shared a presentation that goes over Internet retail trends for the 2014 holiday season based on last years sales and current marketing trends.

Some of the biggest takeaways from the information they shared are fairly expected, such as that online shopping is continuing to grow and mobile purchases are also up. However, I saw two items that seemed to stray from conventional wisdom:

  • Mobile shopping, including tablet and smart phone purchases, as still but a tiny fraction of Internet sales overall
  • In the UK in 2013 tablet purchases made up 65% of all mobile purchases, dominating smart phones


While mobile spending is still a drop in the bucket compared to computer based Internet purchases, it’s still seeing an incredible growth rate, possibly because it’s got a lot of room to do so.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.36.08 PM

While it’s anticipated that there will be a 9% growth in eCommerce sales in the UK in 2014 from computers, mobile purchases are expected to grow by 112%.

Further, ignore mobile at your peril because even though most purchases are still made on computers, a very significant percentage of research is being done on mobile devices.

For more details, check out the Get ready for the festive season with Bings Ads! Slideshow.

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