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“Comments More Annoying” & Other Highlights from FB’s F8 Developer Conference

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I left today open for a blog post here because I knew that Facebook had a few announcements to make related to their F8 developer conference. However, instead of having one or two major announcements to report, there are several of them, and this is just day one. Today, I’m going to go over what’s been announced so far and flesh out the details in blog posts next week.

Developer Analytics

This is probably one of the biggest things for businesses, at least those with apps. Facebook is to roll out Facebook Analytics for Apps, which is designed to not only tell app creators how their marketing ventures are going but to provide demographic data about their users, such as age, gender and online spending habits.

Embedded Video

In a move that would be a shot across the bow of YouTube if they weren’t already in an all out war with the video platform, Facebook has said that they will begin allowing people to embed Facebook videos on other websites.

Messenger Gets Even More Share-y

There are actually two major changes coming to Facebook’s mobile Messenger app: the incorporation of other apps and Business on Messenger. Messenger is to become an app within an app, allowing partners to incorporate features of an another app into Messenger. For example, people will be able to open Giphy, a gif creator app, from within Messenger.

The other major change is that businesses will now be able to communicate to customers through the app. Facebook said:

… Businesses on Messenger, which will enable companies to use Messenger to send messages, like order confirmations, shipping statuses and delivery notices to customers who choose to participate. Customers can also use Messenger to reach out to businesses with questions and receive quick responses.

Comments Will Now Be Annoying

A lot of people already think that the comments section are the dregs of the Internet, but I don’t mind them. What I do expect to mind is that Facebook comments are going to start refreshing in real-time, meaning that the comment you’re reading is going to be replaced by a new one. Additionally, in less annoying news, comments made on other sites, such as Huffington Post, through the Facebook commenting system will now show up in people’s timelines.

Facebook App Will Control Everything

Showing Google some serious competition for plans for world domination, Facebook is to launch Parse for Internet Of Things. This isn’t likely to have an immediate effect, but the result will probably be the ability to control your refrigerator from your Facebook app. (Read more about just what the heck the Internet of Things is here.)

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