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New bells and whistles added to Facebook’s mobile app ads

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Facebook announced a variety of changes / updates to the way they will be handling mobile app ads on their Developers Blog and Facebook for Business. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new and some tips to help you improve your targeting.

Define your reach and limit ad repetition

Along with allowing you to determine your audience size, Facebook now lets you limit how many times an individual sees your ad over a period of time. I think this is a very smart move because it ensures that you have a broad reach and that you’re not burning through your impressions on the same people. 1 For example, you can set an audience reach of one million people and limit the number of times someone sees an ad to twice per week.

App on Fire

Facebook is now letting advertisers target Kindle Fire users as well. According to Amazon, this year’s Black Friday Fire tablet sales numbers were triple last year’s, so advertising specifically for the Fire is probably a solid move.

In the image below, although the option is greyed out, you can see that you now are able to select “Amazon Fire Tablets” if your advertised app meets Facebook’s requirements. Also of note is that you can arrange for your ads to show up only when people have WiFi connectivity. If your app requires large file downloads, it would probably a good idea to take advantage of this filter.


Hints and Tips

  • Target new device owners by selecting “New smartphone and tablet owners” under Behaviors. You can also chose particular devices by brand or OS under the Mobile Device User subheading. 2fb2
  • Make sure you’re setting up campaigns based on your goal. A campaign for new installs and increasing awareness may be very different from one trying to get someone to return to your app for a new update or feature.
  • Facebook has Lookalike audience creation option, which is created based on existing custom audiences. By creating a Custom Audience of the top 25% of your users, you can create a Lookalike Audience that will help you improve your ad’s reach but still target the people most likely to install your app.

[1] “Well, the first 100 times I saw the ad, I thought, ‘nah,’ but the 101st finally convinced me.”

[2] We have discovered through trial and a lot of error that what you see for Facebook ad options in the US is not necessarily what you see in Canada or other countries, so your mileage on these options may vary.

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