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Facebook remembers desktop users, launches new video ads for non-mobile games

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Facebook appears to have just remembered that people do actually sometimes use a PC to do things on the Internet, and they’ve announced that they will soon be rolling out video desktop app ads for Facebook desktop games.

The new ads are supposed to be pretty much like the ones launched for mobile about a year ago.

The video unit has similar functionality to our mobile app ads: it’s eligible to play automatically in News Feed, there is a persistent call-to-action (CTA) over the video pop-up for ads rendering on the right-hand side of the page, and all videos now have an end card that appears after they finish with options to replay it or install the game.

According to Facebook, more than 445 million people play Facebook connected games on both mobile and desktop platforms. I wish they would break that number down by platform, but I’m guessing it’s difficult to do since a lot of people play on both platforms (and, let’s face it, the number probably isn’t nearly as impressive for desktop).

Still the reality is that money can be made hand over fist even with free games if they catch on; ThinkGaming reports that Candy Crush makes King over a million dollars a day. Additionally, with the market being flooded with gaming apps, it’s a good idea to advertise where you can, so although most people probably are playing on mobile, desktop advertising probably has its place as well.

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