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Facebook Takes Severe Measures Against Fake Likes. Businesses Go Out Of Business.

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The bandwagon effect is basically one where people see other people latching on to things or ideas and doing the same to follow the crowd. It’s a fairly pervasive thing, which is why Reddit recently made upvotes and downvotes not to show up for the first hour. It is also why a lot of companies buy Facebook Likes; they assume that people are more likely to do business with a brand that a lot of other people have given the thumbs up to.

However, Facebook is not happy with fake Likes, which is why they’ve just gone on an un-Liking spree, stripping fake Likes from pages. New recognition technologies are allowing Facebook to find and block fake Likes, sometimes before they even reach a page.

In fact, over the the last six months, we’ve tripled the number of likes we’ve detected and blocked before they ever reached a Page. Because of this effort, a large number of the vendors that were attempting to sell inauthentic likes to Facebook Page administrators have closed their businesses.

In other words, Facebook is successfully driving Like Farms out of business. They’re also gently letting people who are using Like buying services know that the fix is in. They’re reporting that they’ve alerted 200,000 or so pages that their accounts have been “protected” from fake Likes.

Aside from the fact that Facebook seems to feel physical pain when people make money off of the platform without them getting a cut, fake Likes also cause problems with their preference algorithms. They use Like data to determine what ads to show people, and if they’re using bad data, it’s going to screw up their ability to make money off of you.

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