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Google announces dynamic structured snippets

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Google announced on Google+ that they are making dynamic structured snippets available to AdWords users. The new snippets will allow people to see specific information that relates to the product or service being advertised, as shown in the example from Google below.


The good / bad thing, depending on your view, about these new snippets is that they are pulled from your landing page, not based on a selection of additional features that you would like to highlight. Based on what someone has searched for:

These snippets may display additional details about the content found on the landing page for the ad, like specific electronics brands or subcategories.

This means that you’re relying on Google to determine what people are looking for based on search results as well as adding content to your ads that makes sense and should be featured. This makes it a lot easier to implement these snippets, but as a control freak, I’d personally be wary of just assuming Google had the whole thing nailed down. For more information about how to start using dynamic structured snippets, visit Google’s help page.

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