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Latest tools and ad formats for AdWords mobile marketing

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Right on the heels of my Monday post stating that AdWords was deeply invested in getting your money for mobile ads, they posted yet another blog post talking about another feature to improve your mobile advertising capabilities.  I’d recommend you take them up on the offer because their next step may be kidnapping your family pet.

This isn’t to say the new mobile tools and features, which include new mobile ad formats and a Flash to HTML-5 conversion, aren’t great.  Having realized that merely re-sizing full sized ads into smushed down versions with micro text isn’t a winning format, Google is really making strides in helping advertisers reach customers in a targeted manner.

Shiny Tiny New Ad Formats

  •  Mobile Lightbox Engagement Ads – using existing ad content and images, Adwords creates HTML5 lightbox ads that can automatically re-size based on the user’s screen size.
  • Optional viewing ads in the AdMob network – videos are rolling out in expanded areas in the network, and you are only charged for these video ads if the user does not skip it.
  • Anchor ads – these ads stay glued to the bottom of the screen but still allow a user to scroll through and interact with a website.
  • Magazine style text ads – previously, these were only available for mobile websites, they are now set to be enabled in apps in the AdMob network.

Mobile Ad Toolbox Additions

  • Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tools – automagically converts your ad when Flash isn’t supported on the device it’s being viewed on.
  • HTML5 and in-app rich media templates – in DoubleClick Studio Layouts, you’ll find 29 HTML5 and in-app formats, and you can upload your existing ads and use them in these templates.  (View them here.)


Image Credit: Johan Larsson

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