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Why your A/B tests are failing continuously

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A/B testing is an excellent way to improve your landing pages as well as your PPC ads, but there needs to be a method to your madness. In addition to tracking your testing (to make sure you’re not doing the same tests every six months because you can’t remember if you tried something), you also need to give your tests time to provide results.

Track Your Tests

There are a variety of ways to track your testing, including spreadsheets with dates, what was tested and the results. Some people recommend pausing ads in AdWords instead of using spreadsheets to track them since you can see when they were paused and what type of results you were getting at the time, but that can be a difficult way to keep track if you do a lot of testing. Whatever method suits you, just make sure that you record enough data to go back in a few months and know what you did. (I have a bad habit of leaving myself notes that read: “Cat, blue yrn, shipping.” Don’t feel bad; I don’t know what I meant either.)

Give Your Tests Time

It’s important to give your tests a few days to run and to match the days of the week and times as well as taking into account outliers, like holidays. (Matching times and days for ads is easy because you can just run two at once.) If you don’t match time and day and you find that Landing Page A converts better than Page B, it could be because you ran Page A on Monday and Page B on Tuesday, not because of page differences. For your tests to give you relevant data, you need to match environments as closely as possible.

Another benefit of giving tests time to run is that you may discover that Ad A converts better at night and Ad B works better during the day. With day-parting, you have the ability to schedule your ads, so letting your tests run can provide you with the tiny details you may miss by limiting data collection to a day or two.

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