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AdWords boasts new filtering options, quietly removes another

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Google’s favorite thing in the world appears to be creating options then yanking them off the table when you’re not looking and disappearing into the night. In a blog post that touts the ability to filter ads in the Google Display Network based on affinity, custom affinity and in-market audiences, 1 they also mention in passing that they’re removing the “Other interests” targeting option as of January, 15, 2015.


While the option will be removed at the beginning of the year, ads with this option selected will continue to run until June of 2015, at which point Google will choose one of the three aforementioned options for you instead. According to Google, the reasons for giving “Other interests” the heave ho are:

  • Because “Other interests” were built on topics, they’re limited in addressing advertisers’ increasingly specific targeting needs.
  • Affinity audiences and in-market audiences use more sophisticated audience signals to attract niche audiences, those who are ready to buy certain products or services, etc.
  • “Other interests” overlap the advanced audience solutions we now offer.

The idea that you might not be 100 percent certain what interests align with people who are interested in your product is apparently a foreign one to Google. If you’ve got “Other options” as a filtering preference for your ads, be sure to change them before Google does it for you.

[1] We explain these options in this blog post.

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