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The fortune hidden in dark hours of the day

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Left to its own devices, your PPC campaigns will stay up all night, showing your ads to whomever happens to search for a particular term. In some cases, this is great because you want everyone to see your ads. However, most companies find that there are particular times or days that have the best conversion rates, and these key times are when your ads should be shown.

For example, if you’re selling As Seen On TV products, you may discover that the middle of the night is exactly when people decide they desperately need a hair trimmer that works on cats and children. Alternatively, if you’re a B2B business that sells office supplies, you’re not likely to get a lot of traction late at night or on weekends.

AdWords allows you to do something called dayparting, and not only can you schedule when you want your ads to show up, you can also adjust your bidding for certain days and times. Let’s say that you want to advertise the amazing Pet/Child hair trimmer at all times, but you know you convert better at night; simply increase your bids from 12 am to 4 am.

Getting the most out of ad scheduling will take time since you’ll need to watch conversion trends and make adjustments, but dayparting can help you put a leash on your ad dollars and make them do tricks.

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