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I Watched The AdWords Performance Summit So You Don’t Have To

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Yesterday, Google had their State of the Search Engine livestream, hosted by the VP of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, that was supposed to announce a variety of new and exciting changes to AdWords. I had expectations about the livestream based on the extravaganza of information that came from Facebook’s F8, and well, it was kinda sad pandas.

If you’ve been following the AdWords blog, there were a few things of interest to be found, but I was honestly having to force myself to pay attention to things that we had covered on the blog, sometimes months ago. Instead of rehashing what you’re probably already well aware of, I’m just going to go over the (few) highlights.

Should you want to see the livestream in its entirety, Google has made it available on YouTube. If you’re feeling suicidal, take a drink every time the word “moments” is said.

Google Compare Bulks Up

Google Compare is a suite of tools that makes it easier for people to find and compare services, easier for Google to get ad money and harder for businesses related to the Google Compare topic at hand to get by on just SEO. The Google Compare service is built into mobile search results, and results include companies that pay Google to be in the results. If you want people to see your service, you either pay Google or you hope people scroll past the large and convenient tool at the top of the page.

Currently, Google Compare is available for credit cards, auto insurance and hotels. Along with expanding which states compare sites will cover, they’ve also announced that home mortgages and automobiles are next on the list to be added to the compare family.

Let Google Do It For You

I realize that automated services are actually quite helpful, especially if you’ve got an large number of campaigns to handle or products you want to advertise. Still, Google has this way of talking about automated services that makes me feel like they’re saying you shouldn’t worry your pretty little head about bidding.

The Automatic Bidding system has some improvements to give you a better idea of your expected conversions based on increasing or decreasing your bids and budget as well as letting you bid based on your desired cost of acquisition. Related to this, at some point later in the year, you will be able to use data from cross-device conversions to automate your bidding.

Automagic resizing for mobile devices is also being made available. There are 14 different ad sizes for the Google Display Network, but now, you only need to create three ads and Google will make them fit the other 11 sizes.


Dynamic Search Ads has also been overhauled to create results based on your content, and I’ll be interested to see how that will play out. Essentially, you no longer put in keywords or phrases and have Google fill in the rest. The new system will crawl your site and attempt to create an ad to match what someone is searching for. It sounds a bit like SEO results being turned into an ad.

To keep the ads from being completely random, you’ll have the ability to focus on certain topics and can see where ads will take customers on your site based on their search. This sounds like it has the potential to be a great time saver or giant pile of garbage.

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