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How geo-targeting in AdWords could make you richer

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If you’ve got a physical location, geograhic AdWords targeting is something you should consider – but like anything related to online marketing, it’s easy to get it not quite right. Default settings for most AdWords campaigns tend to run along the lines of broad match, essentially meaning just about everyone searching for anything ever. Such is the case with geotargeting options, which are set to “people in, searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location.”

It’s not bad, per se, but if you’re trying to get someone in the door of your Boston establishment, do you really want to pay for clicks from someone who lives in England but just searched for the game lineup for the Boston Celtics? Or what about someone searching for New York Cheesecake but is physically located in California? You see the problem, especially if you’re targeting mobile devices.

Digging deeper into geographic settings allows you to get very selective about your audience, including household income, excluding certain areas and even the ability to display ads based on the weather outside. A/B testing can help you hone ad campaigns to strike a balance between a limited number of impressions and a high CTR and conversion rate, and you can stop spending money to tell someone in Canada how great your bar in Texas is.

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