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Better conversion information from AdWords improves data tracking

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The trinity of most important metrics (to me at least; for all I know yours involves lemurs) are:

  • Quality Score
  • Conversions
  • Profit

Quality Scores and Conversions are key to profit, which is why tracking them is so essential.  If you find that your profit is declining, a low QS, driving up the cost of your ads, or a poor conversion rate, meaning your spending lots of money but not getting anything for it, are often the root of the problem.  This is why I’m happy to share that Google has improved their ability to track conversions.

Google announced that Estimated Total Conversions are going to be made available to all advertisers using the Google Display Network.  Estimated Total Conversions tracks conversions across platforms, so it gives you a better idea of which sales are originating with AdWords.  For example, if someone is on their mobile phone and clicks on an ad that takes them to your site, if the come back later and do make a purchase, Google considers this a conversion.

There is a fairly large caveat to this, which is that Google is using the best information possible but cannot guarantee their data is 100 percent accurate.  However, Google has stated that they only count sales that they have strong reason to believe came from an ad.  Take that as you will.  I tend to trust it about 90 percent, but your milage may vary.

The good thing about this is that it can give you a better idea of if your AdWords advertising is working.  I personally visit a site several times before I make most purchases, especially if they are large, and I don’t always do it from just my computer.  More data can only help you improve your ability to get Scrooge McDuck rich.


Image Credit: JD Hancock

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