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Brandish your Brand – A/B testing basics part 2

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If you’ve missed the first part of this post, you can find Part 1 here.

In the last post, we listed four different ways you can tackle writing AdWords ads.  To review, they are:

  • Involve a Call to Action
  • Ask A Question
  • Focus on a Feature
  • Brandish Your Brand

Again, my personal preference is to pit one ad type against another when doing PPC ad A/B testing, but you can also pick an ad type and make small changes to see if it makes a difference. I’d also like to point out that Tenscores has an amazing tool that lets you compare a variety of stats, including CTR, impressions and cost, between each ad in a particular group.  This can make understanding the results of your A/B tests a lot easier.

Call to Action

Calls to action are pretty straightforward.  You tell people to do something to get something. It is important to note that AdWords tends to frown on ads that directly tell people to click on things, so there’s a limit to how bossy you can be.

  • Buy Knitted Cat Sweaters
  • knittedkat.com
  • Hand knitted sweaters for felines.
  • Keep your cat cozy!

Ask A Question

Studies have shown that sometimes people looking for a product will complete an action if you ask them a question.  For example, Thirsty?  Drink Coke.  Obviously, there’s no silver bullet that makes people click on your ad and buy your product (mad scientists are currently working on it though) but this may be an effective tactic.

  • Need to warm up your kitty?
  • knittedkat.com
  • Buy a knitted cat sweater.
  • Hand knitted with merino wool!

Featuring… Your Product or Service

These ads should be tailored to match keywords to a certain extent.  Ads that are attached to keywords like “cheap,” “low cost” and “sale” should probably focus on a low price point or savings.  For keywords like “best” or “reliable,” you’ll want to focus on what a great product or service you have.  You don’t have to get too matchy with keywords and ads, but the idea should be the same.

  • High quality cat sweaters
  • knittedkat.com
  • Hand knitted with top wool.
  • Won’t fray, tear or unravel.

Advertising Your Brand

If you’re advertising with keywords that include your brand, your job is much easier.  The click-through rate for branded PPC ads is very high, and if you’re taking advantage of them, you have the advantage of taking up most of the real estate on someone’s screen if your website is the top search result. Essentially, you have to do very little to get people to click on branded ads.

  • Knitted Kat Sweaters
  • knittedkat.com
  • Official website of Knitted Cat.
  • Find the latest Knitted Cat gear here.
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