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Budget for desktop and mobile PPC with this AdWords tool

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We’ve discussed how to find keywords with the AdWords keyword planner, but recently I stumbled across this great tool that lets me plan my budget out for days weeks or months.

By selecting the Get Traffic Estimates for a List of Keywords option, you can put in a keyword or set of keywords, a time frame and select where you want to advertise.  From there, you can put in a bid amount and a daily budget, and the tool will show you how many impressions you’re likely to get as well as an average CTR.  (This appears to be based on either your current quality score and ads.  If you haven’t added this keyword yet, it appears to base the numbers on the average for the keyword in general.)

Poking Your Budget With A Stick

In addition to doing straightforward budgeting, you can also play around with some settings to do other types of forecasting.  For example, if you’ve put in a daily budget, you obviously already know how much you’re spending, but now you’ll know how many clicks you can expect out of your daily expenditures.  Further, if you know your conversion rate for a keyword, this you can use your click information to figure out how many conversions you can expect based on your budget and a time frame.

Another thing you can do is figure out how changes to the way you bid are likely to affect your CTR.  By reducing your bid, you can see what position your ad will end up with and a new CTR.  If there’s a huge difference between the bid cost of a number one position compared to a .02 CTR difference, second place may be better than first.

Mobilize Your Budget

Another nifty feature of this tool is that you can go to the device tab and see a breakdown of how ads are seen: desktop, mobile or tablet. Then, there’s a breakdown of impressions, CTR and cost for each platform.

What I found to be particularly interesting were the huge differences in ad prices across platforms.  For some of the keywords I searched, the cost of ads on mobile were spare change, and the cost of mobile ads could be paid in pennies.  One keyword had a $4.84 cost for a top position on desktop, but a $.40 cost on tablet for the same keyword and position.

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