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Christmas shopping has already started – have you started selling too?

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Along with Google’s oft repeated warning that holiday shoppers are starting earlier each year, they’re also reporting on the AdWords Blog that data shows that people continue shopping past Christmas day.  In an effort to help retailers hit their seasonal sweet spot, Google has released some of their findings based on Google Analytic data.

Key Shopping Days

No matter what industry you’re in, the two most super mega important days are going to be Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  These days got a whopping 114 percent and 170 percent increase in transactions respectively.  For whatever reason, in the weeks running up to Christmas, Mondays and Tuesday also seem to be huge for sales, although not to quite the same degree as BF and CM.  (I say for whatever reason because you’d think people would shop on the weekends, but I guess you lot are doing it at work.)

In addition to these days, you may also want to look at what your transaction history peaks were in previous years, although Google notes that high traffic days do not always correlate to high transaction days.  With this information, you can plan coupons, specials and sales as well as determining how much stock of an item you may need as Christmas approaches.  The last thing you want to do is run out of a hot item a few weeks before the big day.

Match High Bids To High Transaction Days

In addition to planning sales and stock, you should probably also align your bidding with your likelihood of generating a sale.  By reducing bids on low transaction days, you can spend more on high transaction days where they’ll do you the most good.  Additionally, be sure to adjust your spending after you can no longer ship in time for Christmas.  There’s no point in spending a ton of money for visitors that will leave when they discover that anything they buy won’t arrive in time.

People Are Making Choices Even If They Aren’t Purchasing Yet

Google has said that people have already started their holiday shopping, but purchases don’t necessarily reflect that yet.   However, this doesn’t mean you can slack off till a few days before Black Friday.  As I’ve noted in a previous blog post, people are using as many as 12 sources to make a purchasing decision.  Just because someone hasn’t finished their shopping cart doesn’t mean they’re not looking for things to buy right now.  An ad that shows today may lead to a sale a month later, so don’t delay preparations just because people aren’t buying right this second.



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