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Google Announces The New AdWords Policy Center. Should We Ignore It?

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Google has announced that they’re launching a new AdWords Policy Center.

For most people, this will probably be the equivalent of a website devoted to content that normally fills Terms and Agreements that we skip, unknowingly singing ourselves up to house a clown army should the need arise.  However, according to Google, the goal of the new policy center is to provide:

  • fewer and simpler AdWords policies
  • more transparency into why we have each policy
  • more insight into how a policy can affect your ads

Google has already started making some changes, which you can see here.  One thing that caught my attention was that the announcement states that users need to keep up with policy changes or else.  I’m paraphrasing and may have added the “or else” bit, but honestly, we all know that the or else is unspoken anyway.

New Third-Party Policies

Since I am super duper awesome, I went through every page looking for changes and only discovered one1, although it’s a fairly big one.  In November, Google’s Third-Party Policy will be changing.  Highlights of the changes are:

  • Requiring third-party providers to supply clients monthly (at a minimum) data on impressions, costs and clicks at the account level.  If the provider normally offers more detailed service, such as at the keyword level, costs, clicks and impressions must also be provided at this level.
  • The Google Disclosure Notice must be provided by third parties if 80 percent of their clients spend less than $1,000 per month.
  • And a whole bunch of stuff about not lying, misrepresenting, cheating, stealing or anything funny, mister.

1 Technically I discovered two things, the second being that Google states they don’t abide websites that allow or encourage dishonest behavior, such as fake IDs or hacking software, but they are A-OK with Ashley Madison, a service for people who are interested in marital indiscretions.

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