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When it’s okay to spy on your neighbors sniffing for their dirty little secrets

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Along with doing your own research and testing, one of the things that you may want to do to improve your own AdWords campaigns is to spy on your competitors.  There are a variety of online tools that allow you to look at what keywords are associated with your competition, what ads they are showing and even the success rate of their ads.  Some of the more specialized tools even allow you to see which networks ads are running on.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular and effective tools for stealing getting ideas and using them for your ads:


This tool is excellent for tracking a variety of information, including PPC costs and the effectiveness of your competitor’s advertising.  The tool covers AdWords and the Bing/Yahoo Network, and it lets you see the ad text, average CPC, average position, duration of the ad and the landing pages associated with them.  This data makes iSpionage an outstanding platform for helping you tweak ad text as well as knowing which keywords to target and how stiff the competition is.


KeywordSpy allows you to search for advertising data from a PPC and SEO perspective, and it allows you to search across more than 300 networks with information updated on a daily basis.  You’re able to see your competitor’s CPC, ad position and how many clicks each ad receives daily and on what network (within Google or Bing/Yahoo).


This tool handles the normal tracking of PPC and SEO cost, clicks and position, but it also tracks social media data.  It’s important to note that SpyFu tracks shares, not total fans, but it can still help you get an idea of what content is popular and most likely to do well on social media.  You can also see the CPC and daily spend of your competitors based on keywords associated with domains.


This tool collects an enormous amount of data, which is something that works for and against it  since it can take a while to go through everything you get in a search result.  They have ad data for text and banner ads on a slew of networks in 15 different countries covering mobile advertising as well.  They also archive ad information going back four years, and you can see how long ads are shown, how many impressions they got and where the ads take people.  Two of the biggest benefits of this tool are being able to find different networks to advertise on successfully and looking for advertising trends related to your industry.

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