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Spur purchases with countdown timers during the holidays

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I’m not saying you should turn your landing pages into a countdown to doom timer, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t either.  I spoke earlier this week about how Black Friday is becoming Black November, and I suspect part of the reason that people are shopping earlier and earlier every year is not because people are so responsible and put together.

Nope, I’m guessing no matter how much forethought or planning goes into it, most people end up running around the mall in a level 10 panic 36 hours before Santa’s expected arrival. There’s a reason that there are nearly a million results for “last minute shopping tips” on Google, and it isn’t because most people have finished their holiday shopping in the first week of December.

People in general respond to countdowns and limited time offers.  One of the reasons that coupons and discounts have expiration dates is because they spur people to “act now.”  Therefore, inducing a bit of panic into visitors to your site may spur them to do more than just put some items in a shopping cart.

In addition to countdown timers, you can point out that there are only X days left until:

  • Christmas day
  • A sale or promotion ends
  • Orders can be shipped and still arrive on the 24th

You may also want to highlight items that you have low stock on.  Normally, this would count against you, but it is common for desirable items to be snapped up early during this time of year, so the normal rules don’t apply.

Keep in mind that Google also offers a sale countdown script through AdWords, so you can even take advantage of people’s response to time limits in your PPC ads.

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