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Countdown to the end of AdWords Shopping campaigns

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AdWords just posted a not so gentle reminder to Shopping campaign users that the end is nigh.  Unless you use their upgrade tool to convert your Shopping campaigns to Product Listing Ads in the next few days, you’ll run into limitations on existing campaigns, and, shortly thereafter, a forced conversion.  Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.

As of September 2nd, AdWords will kneecap your existing campaigns by eliminating your ability to change the following:

  • Product targeting
  • Maximum CPC bids
  • Promotional text
  • Destination URLs

You’ll still be able to adjust budgets and turn campaigns on and off (and upgrade to the new PLA system!), but that’s about it.  If you’re still dragging your feet after this point, at some time in September, your campaigns will be drug kicking and screaming into the new PLA system.  Per Google:

Some regular PLA campaigns, settings and bids might not carry over to your new Shopping campaign due to technical limitations.

In other words, if you make us do the conversion ourselves, stuff might get broken, and wouldn’t that just be terrible.   I for one welcome our new Product Listing Ads overlords.

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