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News flash: Google distributes free clicks for everyone with NEW dynamic sitelinks!

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Google has updated AdWords yet again, and the latest update provides free dynamic sitelinks. There are a whole lot of asterisks to this update though, and we’ll hit them one by one below.

What did they mean by “free”?

Ad extensions are already “free”, you just have to have a high enough quality score to get Google to use them with your ad, but clicks on dynamic sitelinks will actually really be free. Meaning any clicks they generate won’t cost you a dime. This sounds great, but very few people actually click on them, so Google isn’t really likely to lose any money and you shouldn’t expect a slew of free clicks. Basically, Google is offering free rodent cleaning kits; wonderful, but there aren’t going to be a lot of takers.

What’s the point if nobody is going to click them?

Just because people don’t use them doesn’t mean that they won’t have an impact. Ads with extensions take up more space and, perhaps because of this, they get more clicks, and higher CTR means better quality scores for you and more revenue for Google as well. According to a post by Larry Kim, ads with sitelinks see an average of a 10 percent increase in CTR.

Don’t get too excited; they’re only available to the top three slots.

Basically, if you’re already performing well, Google is only too happy to help you improve your CTR – perhaps to the detriment of your competitors. This is just another reason you need to focus on quality scores to ensure that you aren’t the one dealing with the detriment.

Google will decide whether to use your sitelinks or a dynamic one based on… something.

You can opt out of you really want (since the point of sitelinks is to increase your ad space, I don’t see the point), but Google will determine when to use dynamic sitelinks versus the one’s you’ve set up. Per Google, “…the sitelinks you set up will always show, except for the few instances when the dynamic sitelink might perform better,” so take that to mean what you will. (We think Google has a special Magic 8 ball for this particular task.)

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