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When your impressions aren’t impressing you

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If the number of AdWords impressions you’re getting aren’t impressing you, we’ve got some tips in this post on how to make a lot more first impressions.

Why Impressions Matter

Much like a politician that needs to go around shaking babies and kissing hands to get maximum exposure and votes, your ads need to be seen by the largest number of people possible for a number of reasons, including to improve your chances of drawing in new customers and to get important data about how your ads are working and how to improve them.

Find and add more keywords

One thing that I’ve found is that the keywords I assume people will search for aren’t always what people actually search for.  Instead of explaining to everyone in the world that their search habits are wrong, it’s easy to simply adapt and try to figure out the most commonly used search terms for products or services.

If you go to the Tools menu at the top of your AdWords account, you can then select Keyword Planner from the drop down menu.  From there, two great options are Search for new keyword and ad group ideas and Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords.

When you select Search for new keyword and ad group ideas, you can put in competitor’s domains and landing pages (as well as your own) into the landing page field.  This will display a list of results that show you approximate pricing as well as how frequently people search for keywords.  No matter how awesome you think your keyword selection is, it won’t do you any good if Google lists it as a low volume keyword, because basically no one but you will see it.

The Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords option will allow you to check the search traffic for particular keywords, including over a period of time.  This is especially helpful if you plan to advertise sales or discounts over holidays.

Essentially, your goal is to find a variety of keywords with high search volumes so that you can start seeing how people searching for those terms respond to seeing your ads.

Lose Bulk Over Time

When you start a campaign, you want as much data and impressions as possible.  This will help you determine if people respond well to your ads, and if they click them, if they lead to conversions.  As time passes, you’ll be able to see trends, such as if people click but don’t convert or if people don’t click at all.  Using this information can help you figure out which high volume keywords to attach your ads to.

Don’t Go Completely Crazy

Maybe just a little unhinged.  While large numbers of impressions are important, you want the right impressions.  Using broad match and selecting the keyword “cat” when you’re selling cat food will get you lots of impressions, but people looking for a video of a cat playing the cello aren’t likely to click on your ad.  While getting lots of impressions, especially during the testing phase of new ads is essential, try to make sure people seeing your ads might at least have a passing interest.

Go A Little Crazy

  • Increase your Quality Scores on your existing keywords that are already generating impressions and conversions.
  • Increase your bids, so long as you don’t make your keywords unprofitable in the process, you’ll get more impressions, clicks and conversions.
  • Create new adwords campaigns testing different channels of advertising such as the display network in all it’s various magnificent forms (remarketing, placement targeting, keyword targeting, topics targeting)

Now, that’s impressive!

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