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Google now offering dimensional weight support for shipping calculations

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One of the most common causes of online shopping cart abandonment is when someone runs into a final price that is vastly different than the one they expected, and shipping costs are probably the most frequent cause of this. This is why Google has announced that they will now offer dimensional weight pricing support through the Google Merchant Center.

Many carriers are now charging based on not just weight but the size of packages shipped. (Who knew? Not me.) This means that to show accurate shipping costs, merchants need to provide the length, height and width of a package. So long as you’re shipping with one of Google’s supported carriers (more about that in a minute), you’re able to provide estimated shipping costs to potential customers that are based on the most accurate information possible.

Seemingly Limited to the U.S.

I’m thinking that this new feature is only available for shipping from the United States. The reason is that Google says:

Carrier-calculated rates in Google Merchant Center are an easy and convenient way to set up accurate shipping rates if you use one of the supported carriers.

The supported carriers link takes you to the Configure account-level shipping settings help page, which doesn’t have a specific section for carriers, but it does have a section on available shipping methods, which includes this bit:

Carrier-calculated rates (US only): apply carrier-calculated rates if your shipping is based on rates from UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

It appears that not only is the new feature only available in the U.S., it may also only be available for calculating shipping costs in the U.S.

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