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“Buy now” button coming to Google will allow purchases directly from search ads

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According to most surveys, people are basically throwing their computers in the trash and doing everything on their mobile devices. However, the issue for marketers is that although people are searching for stuff on their phones, they’re not actually buying anything on them. In an effort to make mobile purchases easier, and grab a lot of cash, Google is about to start testing a “Buy Now” button.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is going to start testing the new system in the next few weeks and it will be a fairly limited test. People in the know are saying that it will only be a very small percentage of searches, and it will only be on mobile devices.

Currently, a Google search for products will also give you the option of looking at Google Shopping results, but once you actually click to buy something, you end up on a retailer’s site. With the new Buy Now system, the transaction will be handled by Google, including payments.

Retailers are apparently concerned that they’ll lose their relationship with customers, so Google has stated that they will pass consumer information along to retailers, although not information about the financial transaction itself. In other words, emails, names and addresses will be handed over, but not credit card numbers. Product pages are also expected to be heavily branded and offer additional product suggestions.

In spite of the fact that retailers are hesitant to get on board, I think it’s probably their best bet at challenging Amazon. Due to what a pain it is to enter shipping and payment information into a cell phone, most people don’t. However, if someone has the option of making a purchase through Google, with all relevant information already on file, that’s going to dramatically increase people’s chances of buying through a mobile device.

Amazon’s 1-Click shopping option is a thing of beauty, and its the only way I buy things through my cell phone, so Google is smart to offer an easy and secure way to make purchases from a variety of brands. Along with upping the chances that someone will make a mobile purchase, Google is also offering a potentially smaller charge for making the purchase happen by charging per click instead of a percentage of the purchase price.

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