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Becoming a “Google Trusted Store” is now easier, according to Google

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google trusted store

Google has announced that they are making it easier for online retailers to become a Google trusted store, and they’ve removed the requirements to submit shipment and cancellations feeds. According to Google, all that is needed to be eligible is to create an account and add some code snippets to a retailer’s website.

And of course, you know, pass their assessment and meet their fairly extensive merchant guidelines:

Google will assess your eligibility to participate in the program. At the end of this period, Google will let you know if you qualify to become a Google Trusted Store.
Estimated time: 30 to 90 days

Still, there are some pretty solid reasons for wanting to be admitted into this program, not the least of which is the credibility that it ads to an online business. Google offers up to $1,000 in free purchase protection to individuals who buy from Google Trusted merchants, so people are more likely to take a chance with a new or less recognized brand name.

Google benefits as well

With Google, there’s always an ulterior motive, and providing a $1,000 in payment protection isn’t something that they’re going to do without getting something out of it as well. In the post that announces the new changes, they also point out that you can use review extensions to tout your membership in this elite club.


Online retailers that can show potential buyers that they are safe to shop with are going to get more ad clicks, which is going to turn into more money for Google.

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