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AdWords expanding dynamic remarketing to new industries

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If you’re not familiar with the concept of remarketing (which I wasn’t for a while so I’m going to assume you might not be either – it helps my ego), it’s basically “Come back!” marketing.  When people visit your site and leave without buying something, remarketing is designed to get people back in the door – er, URL – and if not buy what they were originally looking at, maybe something similar.

Originally, Google only made dynamic remarketing available to retailers, but they have just announced that hotels, flights, real estate, classifieds, jobs, auto, finance, education and others will have access to them as well.  Similar to the AdLibs style of automated ad creation with ad customizers that we talked about in this post, dynamic remarketing will show products that visitors looked at as well as related ones in ads directed at individuals who have already been to your site.  

Guess What Else Remarketing Is Available On?

It rhymes with bobile and starts with “m.”  I suspect at this point, if you woke an AdWords employee out of a dead sleep, they’d shout, “MOBILE!  Wut? MOBILE!!”  Google is offering templates that work across all screens, which is a good move since increasing numbers of individuals are using their phones to make purchasing choices.

Automagical Bidding

Yes, I realize it’s “automatic,” but since I don’t understand how on Earth the algorithms do it, I consider it magic. *  Anyhoo, the point is that bidding will be based on, in addition to whatever caps you put in, the price of an item that is listed.  For example, Google will choose different bids for you depending on whether you’re selling a $40 bottle of perfume versus a $1,000 camera.




* Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke

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