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Now you can create animated ads in HTML5 thanks to new tool from Google!

By   /  August 28, 2014  /  1 Comment

According to the AdWords blog, you can now use the Google Web Designer tool to upload ads to the Google Display Network via Google AdWords.  Google.  Google!  GOOOGLE!  That’s what I thought when I read the article.  It’s like they were trying to tell us something.

At any rate, apparently Flash is old and busted, and HTML 5 is the new hotness  (more people use an HTML 5 enabled mobile device than one that uses Flash).  In an effort to ensure that you’re only using Google tools (I may have assumed that part), AdWords is now allowing you to create HTML 5 ads with Google Web Designer and upload them to your Display Networks campaigns.

If you’re not familiar with HTML 5 or the GWD, you can still use the provided templates in the AdWords Ad Gallery or upload a Flash ad and have it converted to an HTML 5 ad, but the people at Google will probably think less of you.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, Google Web Designer is a free WISYWIG editor that requires no coding knowledge and that Google would really, really like you to use.

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  1. Dann says:

    Yes Google Web Designer is great but you still needs a banner developer :) But I think for good banner you need a flair for the design primarily. My tool was adsspirit.com.

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