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AdWord’s latest non-optional update; Upgraded URLs for improved ad tracking

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As is the norm with Google, they’ve added improved ad tracking and, in the same announcement, they mention in passing that the old way of doing things will be getting the ax. The new Upgraded URLs, as they’re being called, allow you to change your tracking parameters without having to resubmit ads for editorial approval and keep stats from being reset.

According to Google, the benefits to Upgraded URLs are:

  • less time spent managing URL tracking updates
  • reduced crawl and load times on your website
  • new ValueTrack parameters that help you gain additional insights about your ads.

The way this works is by keeping your landing page URL separate from the stats that you are tracking. As shown below, you have a Final URL, which is the actual landing page:


From there, you can add either custom values or just use a tracking template that can be applied to account, campaign or ad group levels.


As with just about all of their updates, Google giveth and Google taketh away, which is why you need to start upgrading your account as soon as possible because if you don’t, Google will do it for you, like it or not.

We encourage all advertisers who use tracking in their URLs to upgrade to the new system by July 1, 2015. Starting on that date, your URLs will begin updating to the new structure.

ValueTrack and custom parameters

Another benefit / upgrade is in the form of ValueTrack and customer parameters, which are only available with the new Upgraded URLs system. ValueTrack parameters give you a variety of additional metrics to follow by adding the parameters you want to track to your template. For example, you can track the geo-location of a click using {loc_physical_ms}, and {matchtype} will tell you whether someone found the ad through broad, phrase or exact match.

AdWords also allows you to use up to three custom parameters that you set yourself. You can see the complete list of ValueTrack parameters, what they do and how to set them (and custom parameters) up here.

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