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Local Inventory Ads go Worldwide

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Previously known as Local Product Listing Ads, because apparently Google has a rule against a product keeping the same name for more than 2 years, the AdWords blog has announced that Local Inventory Ads are going to be available in the US, UK, Denmark, France, Japan and Australia.  Previously, they were only available to businesses in the United States.

Local Inventory Ads allow businesses to push merchandise that is available in (duh) local stores. From the perspective of a shopper, this is awesome-possum.  In spite of being a girl, I tend to shop like it’s a military operation.  It involves online reconnaissance looking up features and reviews, and then I go in and get out.  To me, window shopping should be listed in the Hague Conventions under torture. While I do like the convenience of online shopping, once I’ve picked a product to buy, I generally want it immediately, so telling me something is available down the road is outstanding in my book. (Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine).

Google made a solid point on their blog, which is that with the holidays coming up, Local Inventory Ads are probably going to be a great way to get shoppers in the door, especially as deadlines approach and holiday shipping is either gone or so expensive you need to sell a major organ to afford it.

Currently, the system isn’t entirely in place, which is why if you’re interested, you’ll need to let Google know you want to participate, but this system sounds like a fantastic way for brick and mortar businesses to gear up for the coming holidays.

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