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The “key” to lowering conversion costs on a single keyword is actually a “fork”

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After you started your AdWords account, you eventually saw conversions start rolling in.  It may have happened quickly or slowly, but you were filled with the joy of success.  However, right on the heels of this joy came the niggling doubts: “Sure, I’m getting conversions… but could I get them for even less money?”

The answer is yes.  Unless a keyword has a Quality Score of 10 and a 100% conversion rate, you can always potentially do better. The best ways to reduce conversion costs are to increase its landing page conversion rate and to lower the cost of clicks.  Doing so involves a three pronged attack (basically, a fork):

  • Improving the keyword’s landing page
  • Optimizing ads for conversions
  • Boosting it’s Quality Score while reducing bids

Ads That Pre-qualify Clicks

Your ads can either attract the right people or the wrong ones. Putting qualifiers in your ad is the best way to make sure you’re getting people to your landing page that are most likely to convert. So if you’re selling a high end microwave that costs $5000, make sure to say that in your ad to discourage bargain shoppers, who can’t afford your product anyway, from clicking.

Additionally, some ads are just not going to ever be great.  Not everyone makes it into the NBA, and not all of your ads are going to be major players.  If you’ve got poorly performing ads, pause them until they can be replaced with better ones.  There’s no sense in letting ads drag down your conversion rates and eat through your budget at the same time.

Land Customers with your Landing Pages

Landing pages are another huge source of opportunity for increasing your conversion rate.  If you’ve got an ad with a high click-through rate but few conversions, it’s quite possible you have a less than stellar landing page.  In addition to A/B testing for performance, make sure that your ads aren’t setting you up for failure, such as offering freebies when a conversion involves a purchase.

Shoot for the Moon with Quality Scores

Quality Scores have a direct impact on the cost of your clicks, and if you have scores of 7 or higher, you benefit from a reduced click cost, whereas scores of 4 or lower increase your CPC.  As your scores improve, you’ll also be granted access to ad extensions, which can improve your click-through rate, which can make it easier to obtain even higher Quality Scores.


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