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When it comes to how your mobile ads display, Google says it knows best

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Google has announced that they will now be reducing the amount of space that your mobile ad takes up – but it’s for your own good.

Starting on October 15, 2014, Google may now decide to replace your second description line with an ad extension.  According to Google, whether you get your full ad or have it adjusted to their liking will be based on which version AdWords feels is more likely to produce a click.  As we’ve noted in another blog post, Google isn’t exactly spot on when it comes to CTR decision making.

Here’s my issue with this choice, aside from the fact that I completely don’t trust Google to determine which of my ads will be more likely to get a click:

Google already shows ad extensions with mobile ads.  They’re just taking away space from your ads – without giving you a say in the matter.

If you’ve got ads that rely on getting both lines of ad text to show up, you’re going to either need to change them before the Oct. 15 deadline or to start disabling your ad extensions to prevent people from seeing nonsense.

This is not a totally bad move, and it appears that some ads will show multiple lines of extensions, which may in fact lead to CTR and, therefore, Quality Score improvements.  I just wish that Google would let advertisers make that choice for themselves.

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