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Advertising on mobile without a mobile-friendly website? Rubbish!

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I spend a lot of time on online marketing sites for news, updates and ideas, and one article I came across from PPCHero had me scratching my head.  The article in question, detailed how you can go about advertising on mobile devices without sending people to a website.

The steps outlined involved using the Call Extension for ads and disabling people’s ability to click on a weblink via AdWords settings.  In my opinion, it is an ingenious idea, and a great way to get around the problem of not having a mobile site.

The problem, however, is that the solution seems overwrought and makes a few suppositions that I’m not sure are always accurate.  The first issue is that the author notes that mobile sites require time and money, and they can indeed be expensive and time consuming projects.  However, there are approximately a billion-jillion free templates, including through WordPress, that will get you a fully functional mobile site within minutes.  Is this an optimal way of doing things?  Clearly, no, but in no ways is a decent mobile site out of anyone’s reach.

The next potential issue with this solution is that the Call Extension only shows if your Quality Scores are high enough.  If you don’t have stellar scores, I’m not sure exactly what an ad would show if you disabled the ability for  people to visit your website, but the results probably won’t be stellar.

The author goes on to point out how important that having a mobile presence is and how Call Extensions are a great way to increase CTR and revenue, which I agree with wholeheartedly.  I just think you should use a mobile website as well, even if it is a free one.

* Please note that I love this type of innovative thinking and look forward to other articles from this author, I just think this particular idea may be a dud.

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