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You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you’re still NOT using mobile-friendly landing pages <br /><small>Here’s proof…</small>

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It can be difficult to create a landing page that manages to convey your product’s features and benefits as well as creating a call to action that works, but finding the balance can lead to a landing page the drives conversions.  Now, here’s the bad news.  You need a mini-me version of that stellar landing page that works on mobile devices.

Here’s the thing: creating landing pages is not a quick and easy thing to do, and it requires constant testing, so it’s very, very tempting to blow off the idea of making that ordeal an even longer one.  However, here are some important statistics that may change your mind on the importance of being mobile friendly:

  • Smarphone penetration in the United States is expected to reach nearly 75 percent by the end of 2014.  (MarketingLand)
  • Mobile advertising is expected to exceed newspaper, TV and radio by the end of the year and will represent 10 percent of ad spending.  (MarketingLand)
  • Nearly 3/4 of mobile searches result in immediate action.  (iAquire)
  • Almost 50 percent of users say that won’t return to a website that doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device.  (The SocialMediaHat)

If you’re not making sure that your landing pages are mobile friendly in some shape, fashion or form, you’re basically saying that only certain types of money are good enough for you.

Now, the best possible way to deal with landing pages is to create one version for desktops and another for mobile devices.  Call to action, images and content are optimized based on demographics and the like.  This also takes tons of time and effort, so it’s not a solution for everyone.

What is a valid solution for everyone is scalable or responsive web design that at least ensures that visitors get a website that is scaled to their device and doesn’t burn through their data plan and take eons to load.  A large number of free templates that feature availability are available for all the larger content management platforms, so there’s really no excuse to not make your mobile visitors happy.

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