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New options for promoting your apps and getting more users with AdWords

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Google just announced their AdWords blog that they’re offering two new ways for app developers to advertise: Google Search for App Install and Re-Engagement and YouTube for App Promotion.

Google Search for App Install and Re-Engagement

Google search now allows app developers to have ads for their apps show up with related search results.  For example, if someone searches for hotel reservations in New York, an ad for an app that allows people to search for and make reservations would show up.  According to Google, these ads will only show up if someone doesn’t already have the app installed, ensuring that ads are only shown to potential customers.

Keyword Selection

To help people start advertising their app, the keyword suggestion tool provides recommendations based on how people search for the user’s app on Google Play and Google Search.

Deep Links

In addition to offering advertising to new users, Google will also allow app developers to advertise with deep links that send people who already have an app installed to a particular location within the app.  If someone searches for hotel reservations in New York and they have the advertiser’s app installed, the ad will take them to the appropriate location in the app to search for or set up those reservations.  The goal of deep link app advertising is to deal with the fact that the vast majority of apps are only used once.

YouTube for App Promotion

YouTube for App Promotion allows app developers to advertise to users based on demographic information, previously watched videos and customer interests.  It’s unclear how this is any different from standard YouTube advertisements, but I’m guessing there are more bells and whistles involved.

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