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More fallout from Google’s Quality Score whitepaper.

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planGoogle recently posted a whitepaper talking about Quality Score for the first time in 5 years, and the thing that really go people’s attention was the admission that click through rates are a key component of Quality Scores.  A less Earth shattering (maybe Mercury shattering?) reveal was that the scores of current ads also impact the Quality Scores of new and related ads. It has been known that your account’s Quality Score would impact your score on future bids, but this seems to be the first time that Google is making a direct connection between related keyword searches.   Google states that:

“When launching new keywords, your performance on related keywords [you should] …invest in growing your coverage on relevant searches, especially in areas where your ads have the potential to be high quality.”

The important takeaways are that

  1. Google really loves burying the lede.  (5 years to tell us this?!)
  2. You really need to monitor Quality Scores at all levels of your account.
  3. Poorly performing ads, especially if you have several in a keyword group, should be paused at the very least to keep from dragging down future efforts.
  4. Ads that would normally be given a low score due to overall performance from other accounts may benefit from boosted scores if you have high quality scores in related terms.

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