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How Bad Online Reputation Can Negatively Impact Your AdWords Results

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As increasing numbers of people use the Internet for either shopping or research before making a purchase, it is essential that businesses have a solid online reputation.  If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware that bad reviews can drive potential buyers off, but did you know that a lot of negative feedback could prevent you from using several AdWords ad extensions?

Wait!  What?

Yep.  AdWords currently offers 11 ad extensions, including the newest Callout extensions, and four of them rely on consumer sentiment or product ratings.  Before Google will let you use Consumer ratings annotations, Review extensions, Seller rating annotations or Social annotations, you have to meet certain criteria, which include great reviews. Let’s face it, there’s no point in using an ad extension that is going to make people less likely to click on your ad, and if you’ve got a seller rating of 2 stars, that’s exactly what will happen.

Those Grapes Were Sour Anyway

Before you decide that you don’t need those extensions anyway and tell me about how many customers complained that, “This tastes too much like coffee,” at your coffee shop,* these are some really, really great extensions to have.  A lot of online shoppers are still wary of e-Commerce sites, and reviews and ratings can give your business the authenticity it needs to get people through the door.  (If, you know, websites had doors.)  In fact, according to Google:

Review extensions can boost clickthrough rate by up to 10%.

Rehabilitating Your Image

Having established that these extensions are the best things since maple bacon donuts, here’s some good news.  If you do have a bad online reputation, at least according to reviews, Google’s lookback period appears to be around 12 months.  A slew of bad reviews is something that you need to address no matter what, and at least with Google, unlike your mother, it won’t recall that stupid thing you did from 10 years ago.

*This is an actual thing I overheard at my local coffee shop.

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