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Your problem is “poor quality scores”. Sucker.

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Poor AdWords Quality Scores may be preventing you from achieving your marketing and sales goals. Sucker.

Let’s say that you or your marketing and sales team have come up with a great plan for improving sales. Your plan involves social media activity that features coupons and limited promotions to encourage people to buy now, a revamp of your website with a push to organic traffic and a boost in PPC driven sales thanks to improved landing pages. Everything seems to go smoothly, but your sales seem to be lagging behind what you expected.

This is puzzling to you because your conversion rates are great. The likely reason? Poor quality scores. If your quality scores are low, your ad costs are going to be high, and your ad rank will be low. This means that even if you’re doing gangbusters conversions, you may not have the ad revenue you need to spend to get the number of impressions required to really increase your sales.

You may think of cost per click in terms of spare change, so the idea of ads costing .25 to .50 cents more may not seem like a big deal. But if you have a large number of keywords or campaigns, those quarters can add up to real money very quickly. Let’s do some basic math. 500 clicks at just .25 more per ad cost means an addition $125 of ad spend. Now spread that across a variety of keywords, and if you’re not hyperventilating, you’re probably printing money.

At TenScores, we offer a program that helps you track your quality score and control your costs, so if you’re interested in making money through PPC instead of spending it, click on the story from link below.

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