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Smart Phone Tips For Smart Advertisers – Download The Checklist

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There have recently been several blog posts on the AdWords blog focusing on mobile utilities and/or features, which leads me to believe they’d really like you, the user, to spend more money on mobile advertising.  I suspect this is because the mobile cost-per-click is very low, at least based on what I saw when I did research for the post on the built-in budgeting tool in AdWords.  CPC costs were on average (again, just based on my eyeballing some things, so completely unscientific) about 25 % of the cost of a regular click.  I suspect Google would like to change that.

Their latest offering is a Smart Phone Tips PDF, and it covers the basics, such as making sure that you’re taking advantage of extensions, (though keep in mind that these hinge on Quality Scores) separating mobile tracking results from standard ones and using images that are sized to fit on mobile screens.  Additionally, they point out that you really, really need to prepare for Google to axe your second description line, so make sure that your ads make sense with only the headline and first description line.  (If you’re confused, the explanation is in this post).

Google also suggests that people without mobile sites use ads with a Call Extension and no website to click on, but I’m fairly wary of that suggestion.  I covered it in-depth here, but the Reader’s Digest version is that it’s super cheap to get a decent mobile version of your site, so why hobble yourself?

I would say that, due to the current comparatively low costs of mobile PPC, you should definitely get on top of making the few adjustments necessary to make your ads and site mobile friendly.  Who knows when hordes of advertisers will figure out how much they can save and drive up the costs.

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