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Why snobing your way to AdWords riches is necessary

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If the product you’re offering is something straightforward, like cosmetics, electronics or pet food, you pretty much want anyone interested in these topics to click on your ads and send you money.  However, if you’re running a business that has a more niche market, B2B businesses being a great example, you still want everyone to send you money, but you may not just want everyone clicking on your PPC ads.

When you’re selling items only in bulk or specialty items, like a saw that can handle concrete and costs well over $1,000, the average person probably isn’t going to end up buying anything from your site.  While the more that people click on ads, the better your CTR is, which will lead to a better Quality Score and all the benefits that come with it, clicks still cost you money.  Clicks are great, but even a low cost waste of money is still a waste of money.

To avoid throwing away ad money on people who are confused about what it is that you offer, you’ll want to:

  • Determine your target market
  • Figure out how your customer searches and shops
  • Send strong signals about your special status

 Who Can I Get To Buy My Stuff?

If you’re in a niche market or selling items in bulk, this is an easier question to answer than it is for a lot of other businesses.  Only a very certain segment of people need excavators or paper coffee cups by the thousands.   Establishing your target buyer will help you figure out how to create ads and landing pages, which may be different if you target businesses of different sizes or businesses in a variety of industries.

Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Shopping Cart

Most business people tend to order products or start looking for them during business hours on weekdays, but you may find that budgets are established at the beginning of the month, at certain times of the year or at random.  Knowing when people or the businesses they represent are looking to buy can help you set up ad budgets and increase them at times when someone is most likely to have a budget to use, hopefully on your products or services.

If you have the time or money to spend, try to figure out what businesses are looking for when they shop for your product.  Let’s say you sell bulk car insurance to dealerships.  Small and local dealerships may focus on lower premiums and the least expensive deductibles, but larger chains may want to ensure that they have the most comprehensive coverage.  Finding these things out can help you both with ad creation and which keywords to target.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS.  Okay, You Can, But Please Don’t.

To ensure that you have the best chances of getting the most people to see your ads, you’re going to want to target keywords that may be searched by individuals who may not fall into your target market.  This is especially true if you’re using broad match for keywords.  In these cases,  you’ll want to put indicators in your ads that you do not cater to everyone.  For example, if you sell coffee beans in bulk, you might want to put the work “Bulk” in your headline or put “domain.com/bulk” as the URL line of your ad.

You’ll probably need to play around with your ads and look at how they perform in terms of both CTR and conversions, but your goal should be to filter out people who aren’t actually looking for your products or services without sending a “No commoners allowed” message.

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