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Google brings in store tracking capabilities to Adwords advertisers

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Google announced that they have made improvements to the Estimated Total Conversion system they launched last year. As of right now, Google states that ETC is able to track phone calls, cross device conversions and in-store purchases that are the result of advertising through AdWords, and they are about to make store visit conversions tracking available as well.

This new tracking is going to be a benefit both to Google and to advertisers. Referencing an eMarketer study, Google pointed out that 95 percent of retail transactions still take place in person. However, the influence of the Internet on people’s purchases is huge. A survey conducted by Google and Ipsos MediaCT discovered that a third of consumers went to a store or made a purchase as a result of a location-based search ad. Tracking the number of people who visit stores due to ads increases the perceived value of AdWords, which is good for Google, and it also helps businesses improve their localized advertising.

Google reports that PetSmart has started to include location extensions in their ads based on feedback from ETC, and Office Depot has started using ETC data to determine which products they should include in their local inventory ads.


For Google to be able to provide store visit conversions, advertisers must:

  • Have a Google My Business account linked to your AdWords account
  • Set up location extensions in your Google My Business account
  • Have multiple physical store locations in the US
  • Receive a large number of both ad clicks and store visits

Image Credit: Christian Krieglsteiner

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