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The incredibly simple key to writing ad copy that almost everyone misses

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One of the hardest parts of marketing is writing ad copy. You can track and create campaigns based around demographic trends, keyword research and a variety of other data driven analyzations, but the rubber hits the road when it comes to writing ad copy or writing anything for that matter.

An article at MarketingLand talks about how an engineer at Slack manages to write update copy so compelling that the author of the article looks forward to updates. The keys to the engineer’s success are:

  • Using Humor
  • Writing with a real human person in mind
  • Reading other great writers
  • Editing out super boring and unnecessary update information

What’s interesting to me is that so many companies expect content that’s not direct advertising, an even in some cases this content as well, to appear to be written by a British Palace Guard with an object stuck in an unfortunate and personal place.  It’s like the company leaders are worried that a joke might kill someone.

Please note that I’m by no means advocating for spurning of proper punctuation, spelling or grammar.  You’re reading someone who shouts in their head, “You’re not doing good, you’re doing WELL!” on a regular basis.  However, we insert humor on a regular basis into our posts, and fewer than a dozen emus have been harmed as a result.

One of the most common complaints that people have about businesses is that they are too impersonal, and writing in a casual and honest tone makes an organization seem more personal, which is essential to relationship building and other marketing catchphrases.  So before you hire Mr. Roboto to write ad copy for you, consider letting a human being do it.


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