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Write better PPC ads using this SEO trick

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If you’ve dealt with SEO, you’re probably familiar with the concept of getting your keyword ideas by letting Google’s auto-fill feature doing some of the heavy lifting for you. As an AdWords user, you probably view this technique as old and sad since AdWords has a number of features that allow you to get keyword suggestions based on your website, competitors’ websites and even keywords associated with the one’s you’re currently attaching to ads.

Long-tail Keywords!  What Are They Good For?

From that angle, you’ve probably got keywords nailed down. However, one thing that is not always clear is what most people are looking for when they search for particular products or services. For example, if I’m advertising cat food, what particulars are people most likely to search for? Quality of the food and ingredients? The price? What health benefits the cat food may offer, such as reducing hairballs or urinary tract infections in older felines? Long-tail (HAR!) keywords aren’t always the best to attach ads to, but they can give you ideas on how to structure your ads.

When People Have Wrong Opinions

I personally don’t think a nice view at a hotel is a big deal because I don’t usually make staring out a window at my hotel to be a major portion of a holiday, but for a lot of people, they are a Big Deal. You may assume that your preferences are what matter to others (because opinions that don’t match your own are wrong, so why would people have them?), but many individuals with money that could be in your bank account don’t always see things the way you do.

It’ll Be Our Little Secret

So, instead of looking down on those who still think that Google’s auto-fill feature has something to offer, take note of particulars that people attach to their searches and incorporate them into your ads. If it makes you feel better, just deny using this tool and tell everyone that you’re just that in tune with what your target demographic is looking for.

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