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Are old ads and zombie links eating through your AdWords budget?

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Keeping up with a large AdWords account or several accounts can be a bit like wrangling cats, only with less need for litter boxes.  You may be able to get a large number of your ads to fall into line, but several will almost always wander off and destroy your curtains.  Even if you’ve got solid Quality Scores that reduce the cost of wasted clicks, there’s no reason to let bad ads continue past their expiration date.

Zombie Links

Do you have ads that contain dead links that only pop up to eat through your ad budget, leading visitors to a 404 graveyard?  Zombie links may be gnawing through your ad dollars like an extra on the Walking Dead if you don’t check for link errors on a regular basis, especially if you’ve recently done a web page redesign or changed your URL structure.

Slaying undead links is fairly easy because AdWords offers a free Link Checker script that automatically searches for error messages from links in your ads.  If the script finds an ad that needs an update (or a beheading), you’ll get an email notifying you of the problem.

Product and Pricing Found In Archaeological Digs

Over time, your prices may change, sales may come and go and the details of your product may be adjusted.  Unless you want to keep advertising wireless routers with amazing Wireless G technology or cutting-edge 1 megapixel digital cameras, you’re going to want to make sure that your product descriptions and details stay up to date.  Having outdated information may not have much of an impact on your budget, but if few people click on your ads because they list products from several years ago, it could drive down your CTR and, as a result, your Quality Scores.

You may also find that even if people do click through, if your pricing is not accurate and you’re still listing lower or sale prices, you may be losing out on conversions from people that feel they were subject to a bait and switch.  To ensure your ads are accurate, you can take advantage of an AdWords Ad Parameterizer script that updates your ad text based on changes to a data source, such as a spreadsheet.  As soon as your pricing or products change, the script will make automagic updates to your ads.

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