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A $8,602 spend on LinkedIn ads turns into $213,210 in revenue

By   /  October 30, 2014  /  1 Comment

Travis Ketchum decided to give LinkedIn advertising a shot, and with some calculations and planning, he was able to turn an $8,602.69 investment into well over $200,000 in revenue.


He used a few fairly simple tricks to obtain this ROI, which we’ll cover in a bit, but it’s important to note that he made use of an existing and successful sales funnel.

For this campaign, he was advertising in-person events for a client. The first was free, the second cost $3,000 and the next $15,000. 1 His average attendance and conversion rates were 50 percent, 13 percent and 35 percent respectively. Assuming that 100 people attend the free event, the second event will produce $24,000 and the third will produce $45,000. Once you do the math, each lead represents $690 in income.

With his ads Ketchum was able to get a 10 percent conversion out of 3,094 clicks with an ad spend with a CPC of $2.78. In other words, he was able to make $66.22 per click.

He doesn’t go into specifics of how he wrote the ads, but his highlights are:

  • Straightforward headlines are your friend. The most successful read along the lines of “Free Event in [Location] on [Day]”
  • Pictures are crucial. Low performing ads were turned into top performers with the right image choice.
  • Copy should be concise, and he just went with more event details. Of course, each product / service is different, so your milage may vary on this detail.

More details can be found in Ketchum’s article: 10k Linkedin Ads Experiment – How To Guide

[1] While those prices tend to be steep for many, LinkedIn is the place to make those kind of asks since its demographic is business professionals.

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  1. chris says:

    Nice article. I want that kind of return.

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