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LinkedIn expands Publishing Platform beyond the US

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LinkedIn has announced that they will be allowing people outside of the US (but still in English-speaking countries) to publish posts. According to the announcement, this will bring the total number of users with publishing access to 230 million, and they intend to eventually grant these rights to all of the platform’s more than 330 million users.

As TechCrunch points out, LinkedIn initially only gave access to individuals considered to be influencers, like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Since rolling out access to members in the United States early last year, users now publish a weekly average of 40,000 posts. As for members outside of English-speaking countries, LinkedIn said:

And we’re just getting started. In the coming months, all of our members will have access to the publishing platform and will be able to post in the languages LinkedIn currently supports.

More than just a resume site

LinkedIn wants to move beyond just being the site that people go to when looking for another job or to fill an open position. Allowing people to publish on the site will make visits more frequent as well as making the site seem more valuable to users.

Beyond that, many social media platforms are running into problems growing their user base in the U.S. after it hits what seems to be peak saturation, and this could help them with their international expansion. Additionally, you can’t ignore the potential advertising revenue to be gained from allowing more users to publish since LinkedIn allows posts to be used for advertising by making them Sponsored Posts.

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